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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Troubleshooting Broken Fan

For those of you that cloud of electronic and electrical world, we can be sure will instantly confused and dizzy when told to repair damaged electrical equipment. In fact, in truth almost all electrical appliances can be fixed itself as long as we have enough guts to assembling the equipment.

But if you really do not have basic electricity, you do not have to worry anymore, because this blog discussed a lot of issues and practical solutions for common people to repair damaged electrical equipment.

This time we will discuss steps seeking damages fan that would not turn off alias total. Total dead here means there is no response at all when the fan is turned on, as often happens when the fan is switched on it is still no response even just buzzing.

The steps are as follows;

1. Check the power cable
The power cord is the main connection between electrical equipment with voltage or power source. From many years of poor across the world service electrical appliance, countless numbers have I encountered this damage to the power cable. Damage most often occurs in the power cable is damaged cable jack, cable and rats nibble wires breaking inside. Jack the damaged power cable and power cable are bitten by rats, could be immediately visible without the need for other tools. However, for a broken power cable in, like it or not we must use the tools of multi tester and AVO meter, at least we can use the test pen a relatively cheaper price.
2. Check the connections on the switch speed
If the power cord is still in good condition, the examination continues into the next component of the switch speed or speed switch. Damage often occurs in this component is the point of contact that has been melted, bent or worn hooks so that when the switch is on tap will return again. To check you can use AVO meter or test pen.

3. Check the cable connection between the wire speed (which is attached to the sakalar) with electrical wires leading directly (usually colored White or Black)
When you unpack at the switch speed, we will see there are 4 pieces of wires coming from the coil or the fan motor. Each cable is 3 pieces for speed control or speed lines and 1 for the path to electricity directly. for a 3 speed fan, while the 2 speed fan cable is only 3 pieces 2 pieces for regulating speed and 1 piece to go direct electrical path.

All of the cable when using Multi tester tests have shown a direct relationship. How pengetesannya is loose or cut first before all the cables from the connection to the switch and power cord. Position switch multi tester on X1, then the needle multi tester is connected to the cable coming from the fan coil turns. When the coil is in good condition then the needle will move to right multi ester.

If there is one when the test cable was not connected, it means there is damage to the coil. The most common is the cable that connects directly to the power cable (black or white) and not on the cable switch. If this is the case is the possibility that dropped Thermofuse although did not rule out the coil wire was broken in the middle.

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